The Foundation


Hartley Pell had a real estate license and Bill Pell, his son, had a salesman license, where they set up shop in the heart of then downtown St. Peter.  The original Pell, Inc. office was on the corner of where present day resides First National Bank. When The Bank bought that corner, Pell, Inc. built and moved across the street to the location they remain at today; 221 West Nassau Street. The insurance agency dates back to before the turn of the 19th century and was known as the Sackett and Fay agency, it was owned by Albert E Miller. Albert’s son, Hilton E. Miller joined the business and it was then known as Miller and Miller agency. Bill purchased the business from Hilton E. Miller in 1963 for $15,000.  Pell’s continued to thrive in the business from that day forward. Bill earned his real estate brokers  license and  the business became a full fledged insurance AND real estate venture.

After several years of success, Bill saw the opportunity for growth and acquired the Henry N. Benson agency and the W. Hallander agency, the largest agency in St. Peter at the time. Pell, Inc. had become the largest agency in St. Peter.  As time progressed, more acquisitions were made, including the Wally Reineke Agency and Leighton Swenson Agency.

Our history has proven us as loyal entrepreneurs continuing to serve the Saint Peter community for over 50 years.