Matt Brostrom

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Matt Brostrom was born and raised in St. Peter, MN. He graduated from St. Peter High school in 2005. After high school he left St. Peter for a couple of  years to go to college in Ames, Iowa at Iowa State. He graduated college with a degree in finance in 2008. After college Matt went to Florida where he worked in the mortgage industry as well as property management. He is licensed in Real Estate and managed 40 vacation rentals in Florida where he learned the ins and outs of the rental business as well as real estate sales.

He was then presented with the opportunity to come back to St. Peter to work at the family business. Matt is currently the fourth generation to work at Pell. He is licensed in both insurance and real estate and can help get you the proper insurance as well as the right house for your needs.

“I have always said you can use all the tools and technology to your advantage to make a job easier or more efficient, which is great, but there is no substitute for hard work. That is something my grandfather taught me at a very young age and is something I will always carry with me.”